Hello all!

In today’s post I’m going to be listing tips for having healthy hair.


In my going to and fro in the street of Lagos and various visits in the time past to the salon(s) in Lagos I have found out we practice a lot of unhealthy hair habits knowingly or unknowingly.

and it goes a littlesomething like this (1)

So here we go:

  1. Less manipulation is the key!: Meaning you don’t have to comb your hair everyday (GOSPEL TRUTH!!!). And please, no hand-in-hair syndrome (My sisters, I know it’s hard, but please for your hair’s sake);
  2. Always use a wide tooth comb – Never use or let a stylist use a Rattail comb in your hair. Sometimes just finger-comb your hair; it will be just fine. Who says it is only when your hair is sleek that it looks fine;
  3. Always detangle your hair before washing it. You have less shedding or breakage;
  4. When shampooing, use sulfate-free shampoo (Or just be like me, use our local black soap, I used this for years). Then doing scrub like you are washing jeans; use your finger pads;
  5. Always use a conditioner- it helps restore the hair after shampooing;
  6. Always moisturise, condition, steam & deep condition your hair;
  7. Trim your ends from time to time- At least after every retouch;
  8. Always wear a satin/silk bonnet or sleep on a satin/silk pillow case- I personally prefer the pillow case option because not just my hair benefits, my face also benefits too! (Yeeeeehaaaaa!)
  9. Only relax the undergrowth – Do not reprocess already processed hair (A typical Nigerian stylist will argue with you that your hair won’t be well processed, abegi! I will rather have a healthy mane than have a sleeky looking UNHEALTHY hair duuuuh!






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