Hello all!

Confused about the blog title? Oh please don’t be. “The 21st Century Mother” is the title of the women’s conference I attended over the weekend. (You know as a future mother, I gats to start preparing myself. Some sharp babe tins!)

he wedding of (4)

The conference actually started on Friday till Sunday and I can tell you my dear people that it was worth it. (Still waiting to buy the CDs sef, need to keep hearing the messages  non-stop ATM)

Here are some key points, messages, quotes, etc. from this experience:

he wedding of (1)

he wedding of

  1. The fire is not there to consume you, but to refine you; therefore, don’t try to walk around it/avoid it, go right through it because, you are coming out GOLD!
  2. You were born for such a time as this! If you had been born in the 16th century you would have been a misfit;
  3. When God had a plan for you, he orchestrates everything to work for you;
  4. Don’t be in a hurry against GOD’s time;
  5. The kind of mother you will be is subject to the kind of home you have; and the kind of home you will have is subject to the kind of man you are married to;
  6. Learn to reset yourself for the times and seasons you live in;
  7. The 21st century child does not hear what you say, they hear what you do;
  8. Don’t mold your children to be you, let them be the best of them in fulfilling God’s purpose. The fire of purpose is always in the heart of the carrier;
  9. Parenting is not about rules, regulations & force; it is about nurturing. Nurturing by living right, being the right example and creating an environment of freedom;
  10. As a 21st century mother, you can be all you can, but don’t forget to be you! Decide the important things for you as a person, for you as the wife of your husband & for you as the mother of your children;
  11. Don’t approach parenting from your physical capacity alone, always sit at peace the feet of Jesus and seek constant help from Him;
  12. Mothers are the first god the child knows; start praying for your child right from conception & model God to them;
  13. As a mother we are an eagle not ostrich, so, we must have unconditional love, insight. Be discerning;
  14. As mothers don’t let fear get in your way to teach your child to fly. What you think will kill them will not, it will bring life;
  15. As a mother, be approachable, all topics can be discussed including sex. Be their friend; know their friends. Affirm your child, support and magnify them, apologise to them, when catch them doing good, praise them to balance out the scolding & corrections;
  16. Be knowledgeable: know what the 21st century is about so you don’t lose relevance and you kids will see you as old school. Let them know to come to you in crises;
  17. Establish values (Service, hospitality, respect, saving, responsibility, etc.)  in the heart of your child;
  18. Every child is your child because they are kingdom children;
  19. Children are never the same; don’t clone your kids!
  20. Be a watcher: Watch their friends. Continually consider your child, look out for change in behavior etc.
  21. Be a fighter: Pray & fight for your child; Pray him into his destiny;
  22. Be a helper: Be there to help, let the know what you do, let them in in your space;
  23. Hear their views on different topics, let them pray for you, let them lead the devotion; with this you get their perspective on life matters.

he wedding of (2)

he wedding of (3)

My note is longer than this, but this is really compressed!

There will be part two! Though the conference is for women/mothers there were some tips for men and will be sharing it in my subsequent post.






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