Hi everyone,

As we pay attention to our physical bodies I am of the opinion that we pay attention to our spirits too. (we all have a spirit, I know you know that; yes?) Sharing my sermon notes will be part of this blog.


So on this episode of sermonized, these are some of the key points I have in my notebook from Wednesday’s sermon titled- “God’s Design for Marriage”.

  • Marriage adds to you, not subtract from you. It attracts favor to you.
  • To get the best, God’s word (The BIBLE) should have the final say in your marriage (in your life too)
  • Marriage is God’s idea so get God’s original intention and stick to it
  • What’s the foundation of the information you have concerning marriage? Tradition? Culture? Hearsay? Television? Western world? Social Media? Or God? “You through your traditions have made the word of God of no effect” (Hmmmnnn!)

George (1)

What is the purpose for marriage?

  • For the perpetuation of human race: Raise Godly offsprings Malachi 2:14-15
  • For sexual pleasure: Sex outside marriage attracts curses
  • For synergy: Ability to produce more. One will chase 1,000 and 2 will chase 10,000
  • For companionship: For intimacy, communication, vulnerability etc.


Singles! Get ready for marriage: It is too late to prepare for marriage in marriage. Be deliberate; don’t leave anything to chance. Load yourself with the word and PRAYWhile you wait…

  • Know God for yourself: Let your heart pant after God
  • Know Yourself:  Deal with your deficiencies/weaknesses. (Ladies our own special request is a meek & quiet spirit. You know how we are prone to run our mouths abi?)
  • Know who the devil is: If you don’t he could hide behind the words of your spouse, family members, friends, situations etc. Be discerning.

Extra Bonanza

  • Follow your spirit: Follow God’s leading
  • You cannot afford to be selfish or self centered on marriage
  • Your first goal in your marriage is to satisfy God and the second is to satisfy your spouse

One prayer I always pray as a single lady is that I don’t fail in this regard, so help me God! Amen!

I hope you got something to hold on to.





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