Hi dear reader,


It’s another revealing episode of sermonized. And like you know on sermonized, I share nuggets from sermons I have heard.

Here are the few nuggets I have to share today:

Being joyful is a conscious decision

  • Being joyful is a conscious decision;
  • What is built on God’s purpose must be built on God’s method;
  • In Christ’s solution will always come in simplicity 2 Cor. 11:3;
  • The process of creating a thing may be complex, but activating it is simple. Just as the death of Christ, the process to make a TV is complex, but reading the word just as reading a TV manual makes activating the TV (Grace) simple;
  • Love is a critical factor in marriage;
  • God’s kind of love is optimistic;
  • Selfishness kills a marriage;

Selfishness kills a marriage

Can those of us still single sincerely say this prayer “Lord, give me someone I can help”? This is an unselfish prayer.

That’s all for today!




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