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GHERIT READS (GR) is another section of the blog where I share some lessons, nuggets & insights from books I have read and recommend to my dear readers.

On this episode of Gherit Reads, We will be looking at John Hagee’s ‘The Power of the Prophetic Blessing’ – An astonishing revelation for a new generation.

The book has 11 chapters divided in 3 sections: Defining the Prophetic Blessings, The Prophetic Blessings and Releasing & Receiving the Blessing.

Nuggets from Section 1: Defining the Prophetic Blessings

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moved on the earth”Wait for the call of God…

  • God spoke & released the Prophetic Blessings over the lives of Adam & Eve and it is irreversible! *So child of God, tap in!
  • The blessing of Abraham is still on the Israelites today, so why can’t you tap in since we are Abraham’s seed by grace;
  • Bless your children; they don’t have to be perfect! You also don’t have to be perfect to enjoy God’s blessings. You are born to be blessed! Halleluyah!
  • There is the prophetic blessing and there is priestly blessing too (Consult the book hehehehe I can’t explain it all);
  • Unless a blessing brings peace, it is incomplete (note to all those who prophets tell evil tidings and say it’s from God, my people, reject it vehemently immediately). Blessings are unique to every person imparting it and the person receiving it;
  • God will only bless the marriage he created;
  • Abortion is a no-no. God saw the children (nations) in Rebecca’s womb not a blob of blood;
  • Wait for the call of God… or all mortal activity is but a wasted motion
  • Blessings come to those who obey & separate themselves. Learn to;
  • Tests in the scripture are for the benefit of those being testedwalk away

In part two, we will be looking at the nuggets in the second and third section.

Which book are you reading? It necessarily doesn’t mean it should be spiritual book(s). Tell me, I will love to hear from you!




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