Welcome to another exciting episode of GHERIT READS where I share little nuggets on a book I have read. On this episode of GR we will be looking at Kenneth E. Hagin’s ‘The Art of Prayer’.


‘The Art of Prayer’ a handbook on how to pray and it also breaks some misconceptions we have about prayer and how to pray. It has Twenty- Six short chapters in a little over 200 pages.

Here are some of the lines I highlighted in the book:

God cannot do anything unless somebody down here asks him (1)

  • Satan came and lied to Adam. Adam committed high treason and sold out to Satan. Then Satan became the god of this world… And God cannot do anything unless somebody down here asks him.
  • Types of prayers include: Prayer of Faith, Prayer of Consecration, Prayer of Commitment, Prayer of Worship, Prayer of Agreement, Prayer in the Spirit, United Prayer, Prayer of Supplication and Intercessory Prayer.
  • The Holy Spirit works in conjunction with the Word;
  • The most effective prayer is the prayer the Holy Spirit inspires;
  • We need to equip ourselves with an understanding of God’s will when we go before Him to make intercession on behalf of others.
  • Every step outside love is sin; Love is the basis for all the activity of the Body of Christ in the earth;
  • Intercession does not change God. Prayer does not change God. Prayer changes you and it changes others;
  • The sins of the unsaved have been cancelled out by Jesus. Telling children, “God wont love you if you do that,” causes them to grow up with their minds blinded to the light of His love;
  • We need boldness to act on God’s word. Don’t throw off that burden to pray when it comes. Be bold to act on it;

1931 (1)

I have to keep this post short, but there are many more to share.

We are the body of Christ. Boldly!Joshua

One more: If you think God spoke to you in a dream and you’ve got to run all over the country to find somebody to interpret it, forget it. It wasn’t God. God is an intelligent being. You are an intelligent being. If he can’t get over to you what he is trying to say, forget it.

So grab a copy, read, digest and apply it.

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Stay blessed




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