What will jesus do-

Hello all,

I have been kinda following up on this Osun/Hijab story and I should say I am a bit disappointed at the way things are actually turning out. If this situation had been in the northern part of Nigeria, I wonder if it would not have been bloody by now.

I am particularly appalled by the reaction of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to the whole situation. What happened to the words of Paul in the book of Hebrews 14:12 where he admonished us to “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone…?” Or is this part of the Christians’ holy book (which I think they also read) not in theirs?

I am still trying to understand their fears that the governor plans to Islamise the state. What I don’t seem to understand or ever want to understand is how the wearing of hijab to schools in Osun state will hinder the student from assimilating or will hinder the teacher from imparting knowledge.

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone

Some even say they do this because wearing of hijab is against the motif of having missionary schools. If the major aim is soulwinning as it seems now, then why do you want to send the people you want to win their souls away? Why do you want to make the person you want to win their soul uncomfortable in their own skin (hijab in this case)?

The height of this is when Pastors now go all the way to tell their church members/children to go ahead and wear choir robes to school. HOW? WHAT WILL JESUS DO? “A bishop/elder/overseer must be blameless… not violent… rather he must be hospitable… who is self-controlled” – Titus 1:7&8.

When you do something and you tell your children not to do it, they still go ahead to do it; so what happens when you in “holy-anger” tell your children to be rebellious to authority?

Please, I beg CAN (National), CAN (South-West) and CAN (Osun) to seek proper redress if they are aggrieved and not turn their children to pawn. Besides, students in Lagos state wear hijab to schools and I don’t think it has stopped the learning process in any way (though it came with commotion at the initial stage).






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