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Just thought I share some of the hashtags I follow on twitter and would love to encourage my dear reader to follow and read up too.

  1. #AdamandEve: This hashtag is live every Thursday from 5.30pm by Pastor Bolaji (@pastorbolaji) of HICC and he talks about relationships and marriages.
  2. #Letr2Jill: This hashtag is by @LekeAlder and it is live every Saturday from 9.00am. He addresses relationship issues the faces women (Jill).
  3. #Letr2Jack: This the counterpart of #letr2Jill as it addresses relationship issues related to men and it is also by @LekeAlder. It goes live every Saturday from 6.00pm.
  4. #Illuminaire: Guess who again? @LekeAlder! On Sundays by 11.00am, he radically approaches some controversial religious topics.
  5. #HymnFriday: Ok! This is by @TheLAfamily and goes live every Friday evening. No specific time. Just join in during the hymn singing (tweeting) time. It’s heavenly!
  6. #FromMyHeart: This is from a woman of God that I love and love @NikeAdeyemi where she pours out the mother in her. Join her every Friday from 4.00pm.
  7. #Mr&MrsBetterHalf: The hashtag is by Pastor Godman Akinlabi (@PGeeman) the lead pastor of The Elevation Church and it is live 4.00pm every Friday.

These are some of my favorite hashtags, which do you follow? If you follow any of these, share your experiences; lets gist! Can you give me recommendations of more to follow? It doesn’t have to be churchy or just about relationships. It could be about fashion, exercise, beauty, technology, business etc

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