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As you all know, the GHERIT SPEAKS section of the blog is for gist so today I am going to share a scenario I saw or should I say I was in this morning on my way to work.

So the  Ajah bus I was jeje in was trying to maneuver his way in traffic, then I just noticed almost everyone on the bus were laughing and talking at same the time because me I was just typing away on my phone. I looked up from my phone only to discover the reason for the sudden laughter was a woman trying to cross the always busy Kingsway Road (Alfred Rewane Road) in Ikoyi with her pretty baby nicely tucked in her baby stroller. The poor baby was sleeping while the mother was doing the “when the car (driver) sees the baby they will stop for me” walk as she tries to cross the road.

This scene did not baffle me as much as the number of opinions flying through bus. Like people always have opinion(s) and their perception of you is just right in their own eyes.

One woman was like, “I am sure this woman did not look for a child, God just gave her. Had it been she was childless for 20 years she wouldn’t be careless like that”. Another one was like “Abi o, I am sure she is just an opportunist who just marry big man pickin, she fit never reach airport before sef”. The driver of the bus said if he ever finds his wife do such nonsense he will slap her ehn!

People always have opinion

On and on for close to fifteen minutes everyone was talking and each person was giving their opinion on the best place to use a baby stroller. “Does she think she is in an estate?”, “Is this the kind of busy road they use baby strollers?”, Does she think this is America?” and so on.

My mood today no be talking mood today so I sha jejely keep quiet, I just dey observe. Wetin I wan talk sef, me wey never enter plane before not to talk of enter America and American people they talk for bus.

So people what do think? Do you think it was wise for the woman to put her baby in a stroller on a busy road especially in Lagos?

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