Hi readers,

GHERIT SPEAKS- -moonshooting

This is another episode of GHERIT SPEAKS on the blog; and today I want to ask a question. Why are people not celebrating or talking about the return of tomatoes to the Nigerian populace after the tomatoes scarcity due to tomato Ebola?

When there was tomatoes scarcity, the Nigerian social media sphere went agog with agriculturists, economist and what have you, coming up with various stories on how it is preventable, how it could be cured, how irresponsible the president and minister is and so on. You know as Nigerians, with our ever happy spirit, we came up with memes from left, right and center on the tomato ebola/scarcity.

Two weeks ago, I was in the market prepared to buy at the inflated rate already, but I was shocked when the tomato seller actually told me the one I was pointing to was N50 as in Fifty Naira. To clear my doubt, I just told her to sell everything (i.e. Plus bell pepper and regular pepper) worth of N500 and I was really astounded at the quantity I got.

In celebration, I came to twitter to talk about the new development and no one even retweeted my tweet sef. Another lady tweeted about it last weekend too and there was little or no response.

Well… I started to think and I just told myself that, this just corroborated the fact that,the world celebrates bad news much much more than good news.


So tell me, is tomatoes now cheaper on your end?

God bless!





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