Hello People!



It’s been a while on GR (Gherit Reads) but, I guess you all know how we roll on GR. I get to share nuggets from a book I have read. On this episode we will be considering Pastor Nike Adeyemi’s latest book – “The Lifted Mother’.

The book is a small is a book could get with just 38 pages so you could be done in an hour, but the book is filled with words of wisdom for mothers or intending mothers.

Despite of your pain; …

Here are some points I highlighted in the book:

  1. Mothering is a call to stewardship;
  2. Nations are built when families are built;
  3. When you are lifted on your inside, it is only a matter of time before it shows on your outside;
  4. Stay in the place of prayer until His word comes alive in you;
  5. God is counting on us to use the grace and skill He has given us to better the lives of other people;
  6. Don’t live in your mistake, move on. Forgive yourself and allow God to forgive you.
  7. Despite your pain; Arise…

Nations are built

Have you read the book? If you haven’t, go get one, read, and digest!

God bless you!





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