Hi lovelies!


How was your week? I just remembered that today is Friday and many of us will be going to the salon over the weekend to retouch. So I thought I share some bad practices from the ‘profeshiona’ stylist when retouching in a typical Nigerian salon. I believe when you are armed with this information you can politely tell them not to do such while working on your hair.

So here we go… (ghen ghen)

Chemicals in the relaxer may find their way into the blood steam

  1. Over dependence on rat tail combs: They/we usually think until our hair is slick and well laid, it is not fine, but i say, . As Africans, our hair is coarse, so just let the hair be. When next to retouch and they want to comb with rat tail comb PLEASE say no. They are actually pulling out your hair. When your hair gets clumped up in a tangle and they reach for the rat tail comb, say an emphatic NO and proceed to gently untangle your hair.
  2. Over Processing: When you ask that the relaxer be washed off your hair because you can’t stand the burning sensation any longer, there is that tendency for the stylist to say “Auntie, ko ti jina” (literally “Auntie it is not ready”). Please, do insist that your hair be washed immediately. Over processing due to relaxer is risky as chemicals in the relaxer may find their way into the blood steam.
  3. Relaxing to the tip: It is not until your hair is bone straight that it is said to be relaxed. Let them (the stylist) know that you only want the new growth relaxed. Relaxer may still find their way to the tip if they are not careful, or if they forgot or something. To protect yourself and your hair, apply Shea butter or oils to your already relaxed hair.
  4. Too much of handling: Back then when I still had my long relaxed hair and I visited salons frequently, I see people walk into the salon to take down their weave, relax their hair, plait, and sew in another weave. Like seriously! Even if the customer does not know, I expected the hair expert to advise the client but what do I know? Money must be made!?!?!? I wonder what will happen if I go to a doctor for treatment and tell the doctor how I want to be treated and he refuses to advise me on the dangers of what I demand of him but proceeds to do it.

I know your stylist may not like it when you insist on these things, but your hair and your health will thank you for it. You may be greeted with the “AUNTIE, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING” verbally or by actions, but just politely insist on doing it right!


Until next time.

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