Hello everyone,

WIFE (1)

Okay! So today I will be talking about the topic that has set the whole Nigerian Twittersphere on fire for a while now. Is it compulsory for a woman to cook? Is it only the job of the woman to cook?

This week, the fire of this regular twitter argument was so intense; no thanks to the clip from Pastor Adeboye’s sermon someone shared on Twitter. Funnily enough, I was listening to this same message on a commercial bus some weeks back, and I was secretly telling myself I will source for the MP3 version, not knowing it will be a topic for debate.

In his sermon, he advised that young men should not marry a woman that cannot cook or pray. He also admonished the women not to marry a man that does not have a job.

Listen to the excerpt here


Everyone had their view on the matter. Celebrities like Toke Makinwa had the same view as the Pastor but some like Charly Boy thinks the Man of God is just “a man suspended in time”. For this statement, some called him “ignorant” and another says “He is a national disgrace”.

Personally, I love to cook and I will not hesitate to cook for and cater to my husband.


Maybe I am archaic, so what do you think? Ladies, will you cook for your husbands? Men, is knowing how to cook a criteria when seeking for a wife?




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