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Hey lovelies,

sIf God has forgiven, he has forgottentorm

Welcome to another episode of Sermonized. Sermonized is an arm of the blog where I share my sermon notes.

Today’s sermon topic is when accidents happen. The preacher first highlighted the causes of accidents like distractions, speed, drunk driving, drugs, running red lights, reckless driving to mention a few. The truth of the matter is that the sermon is not about road accidents but sex accidents.

The same causes here for road accidents can also be said to be the cause of sex accidents: Speed = Not being able to wait till marriage; Running red light = Ignoring the holy Spirit/Conscience; Distraction, drunk driving & drugs just apply as they are.

So when sex accidents eventually happen, what are we supposed to do to the victims as Christians?


  • Help the victims: Just as you will try to help an accident victim and not blame them as the bleed or hurt; other Christians  who think they stand should not keep blaming the victims but instead call the professionals;
  • Call the emergency: If you as cannot handle the situation, call the emergency/professionals (Pastor/Councellors) to handle the matter.
  • As victims, be responsible for disciplinary actions.
  • There are no illegitimate children; only illegitimate parents

He also dropped other points:

  • As the passer by who is hale and hearty (other Christians), don’t take up satan’s job as the accuser of the brethren by accusing them day and night. If God has forgiven, he has forgotten.
  • There are no illegitimate children; only illegitimate parents.

Hope you have been blessed by this post!




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