Talk to Him (God)” … “ your father

Welcome to another insightful episode of Gherit Reads (GR) where we talk about booooooooooooooooks.

Today I will be sharing on “I Dared to Call Him Father” by Bilquis Sheikh. It is a story of a woman who met a God whom she was able to call Father in the heart of Pakistan risking being rejected by children, family, friends and the community at large.

At some points in this book, I will stop to wipe my tears. As I read, I quietly pray to know Christ more and have this kind of one on one relationship with Him.

Below are some of the lines that jumped at me from the pages of this book:

was obedience

  • “Talk to Him (God)” … “as if He were your father.”
  • … I found myself drifting away from the warmth of His Presence.
  • To know You is joy, to worship You is happiness, to be near You is peace. This is heaven!
  • I also discovered to my surprise that the effect of Bible reading was beginning to be felt by others.
  • Part of key to staying in His company was obedience
  • … To learn the skill of living in the glow of His Presence
  • If I were part of the Kingdom, I had a right to the King’s protection
  • Nothing occurred without His permission
  • Pride kept me from admitting the need
  • My sense of the right thing to do is nothing compared with Yours

You is joy, to worship You is happiness, to be near You is peace. This is heaven!

I had to lift some of these lines verbatim just to let you feel the heart of the writer.

Have you read this book? What was your experience reading it?

I pray to have a closer walk with the Lord and I hope you reading would love to too. From this woman’s story, it is exciting.

God bless you!





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