Hello everyone,


It’s been 50 days since I turned 29+1 and on today’s post I will be reflecting on the near three decades of my existence on this sphere.

One thing I have come to discover is that, one major key to being happy and being at peace with you is, being truthful to God and to yourself. Trying to please everyone is a major ingredient to heartbreak and failure.

Some days before turning the big 3.0 and I was thinking of my birthday and joining the 3.0 league, Steve Harris, ‘Life is a Week Series’ kept popping up in my head. I recalled I used to have an episode of the podcast in my phone. I searched my phone but couldn’t find it. I turned to Google and like a faithful dog, Google helped me find the whole series. Big ups Google!

According to his analysis, I am in the last few hours of my Wednesday (Age between 21 years -30years). This is the season of performance. So I asked myself if I really performed as I should or not. The sincere answer is no, but nonetheless there is still time to make up and perform while mastering. It’s never too late to start!


As it is, I am so fired up and ready to start putting things together to make my Thursday (31 years to 40 years) a fulfilling one. As I move to my season of mastery, I intend to make up for practice and performance, because, I don’t want to work on the weekend or during public holiday out of compulsion and not by choice.

I intend to enjoy my weekend and public holiday with my husband, children and great grandchildren and have a beautiful happily ever after! SO HELP ME GOD!

P.S. If you haven’t listened to Steve Harris’ ‘Life is a Week Series’ you may want to find you way to his blog.

Thanks for reading!



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