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The Nigerian twittershpere has been agog with this ‘surprise’ visit of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria. I was surprised too to say the least.

On my way from work that Tuesday, which was the same day he arrived I decided to check my timeline and see what’s been going down on twitter. You know twitter is the news, gossip  and entertainment center *winks* A radio station I happen to follow put out a question. The question was:

I decided to follow the thread, but I was disappointed in the responses I got. As in! I WAS DISAPPOINTED but maybe it’s just me or I am taking the replies too seriously

The replies ranged from asking for money, him adopting them, taking them with him back home, even to hacking their ex’s Facebook account * like seriously? * Majority were asking for money though!

There were some nice replies too sha

We then shifted our focus to him eating jollof rice and saying which is better, his not moving around with sirens and security details *he is not a political appointee and who told you no security yimu*.  And then CNN made the blunder of saying ‘Sub-Saharan Africa’ instead of Nigeria. I was in on this too, but the way we marched P on this though!

I liked the submission of these two

I think we as Nigerian youths we are our problems. Yes, I know as Nigerian we are resilient but can we be focused too?

Plenty twale for the great young ones that made this happen! More power to your elbow! Greater heights!

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