Hello all!


Welcome to this episode of sermonized and like you know, I will be sharing a sermon from my sermon note. Today we will be looking at “Money & Your Marriage”.

Obviously, this sermon is about marriage. Though I am not yet married, but, for me, sermons about marriage are a future investment.


Here are some points the preacher made about money:

  • Don’t allow your success be tied to material things.
  • Money is a servant; command it! Money is a tool; use it!
  • Keep money in its place.
  • Determine the place of money in your home.
  • Man, be the man; you are the provider


The preacher also gave some tips on family finance:

  • Be equal partner not competitors: Have a family vision so you can channel resources to a particular goal.
  • Have a plan to achieve your goals/family vision: Be accountable.
  • Have a budget:  (God, savings, giving, basic expenses, discretionary fund etc.).
  • Don’t compare your family with other family(ies): Deal with the spirit of vanity. Train your children with family values.
  • If necessary lower your standard of living and increase your savings.
  • Be financially disciplined: Spend less than you earn.
  • Plan to increase your level of income: Redirect your focus.


Do you find these tips helpful? Are you married? Do you have more tips to add? Drop it in the comment section.





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