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How are you today? I was going through my sermon notes and I stumbled on a sermon I heard at a women’s conference earlier this year, so I thought to share.

Usually, at Christian gathering and in churches, when we talk about the book of Esther and discuss Esther’s story we usually talk about the queen before Esther, Queen Vashti in bad light. We say she was proud, called her names some will almost call her wicked just to put her in the bad light. In this particular sermon, the speaker portrayed her as a trailblazer (shocked?). Yes, a trailblazer!


Let’s read the story again in Esther chapter 1. The king in his third year decided to show off his wealth and it lasted for 180 days, that’s about six months of wealth display. (Who does that?) After that, he the VVIP party  was hosted for another 7 days. At the king’s high moment, on the seventh day while the queen was also hosting the women, 7 bodyguards show up.

Queen Vashti: What can I do for you?

Mehuman: The king requests that you come.

Queen Vashti: What for?

Bigtha: My lord requests that you come wearing just your crown, no clothes nothing. He wants you to just come show off your beauty and dance to entertain the him and his guests.

Queen Vashti: Okay, I have had it! *angry* Tell the king I can’t come. I won’t be humiliated again!

*The eunuchs exit while Vashti’s guest looks on in awe and fear*

King: Where is she? *grinning and waiting in excitement* *thinking* {I told you all, my wife is the prettiest. Wo! Gbagbe! All of you will see what I have been enjoying all the while}

Harbona: She said she wouldn’t come.

Shelter: She says she refuses to be humiliated again.

King: *visible angry and fuming*  Oh! This is preposterous! Nonsense! What insolence!

In his anger he called his counselors and he was advised to ‘unqueen’ Vashti. The ‘unqueening’ of Vashti paved way for Esther.

What if Vashti did not refuse and as usual, goes again to be ridiculed, paraded , no! showed off? What if she was a trailblazer for Esther so she would not have to do the same thing she was doing? Someone stopped the killing of twins? Someone refused to stand for a white man in a train what if she was just like these people? What is she continued to compromise what would have happened to Esther? What if she was afraid to challenge the status quo? What if she did not choose to activate her value system?


Be a trailblazer and if you are one, make room for those behind you. Love them! Support them! Women, cheer women!

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