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Glad to have you here on my blog.


It’s another post on the Gherit Read series where I share key points on a book I have read and also encourage my readers to read.

The book I am talking about today is by the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The book is titled, ‘My Vision’. It was recommended when I attended a leadership training about two years ago. I remembered putting this book on my desk at a colleague was asking why I was reading a Muslim (Islamic) book. But I think leadership breaks across religion, gender, race and culture and whether or not the book was written by a Muslim, we all crave good leadership. Nigeria is in this horrible state because we lack good visionary leaders and as Nigerian youths, we need look beyond all prejudices, but instead groom ourselves to be better leaders, right from our little corners we occupy at the moment.


The book started with the story of the lion and the gazelle. Each new day the gazelle must wake up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion to stay alive. The lion on the other hand must understand it must outrun the fastest gazelle so it doesn’t die of hunger. This is the story of the human race! You have to keep running (creating, imagining, planning, working, striving, thinking, innovating) to survive.


Although I can’t exhaust all the points I have to share in this post, here are some nuggets from this really profound book:

  1. We must have a persistent sense of optimism for a brighter future;
  2. Good leadership puts the interest of the whole community at first before that of a specific set of people;
  3. Credible leadership comes from actions, not words;
  4. Be flexible to embrace change; Routine is an enemy of pioneering spirit.
  5. The shortest way to the future is in open-minded leadership, creativity and pioneering;
  6. Good leaders should learn the art of delegation with a mind of succession;
  7. There is no progress in keeping with the general trend;
  8. Change in school curricula to focus on creativity and skill is a focus into the future;
  9. Win the present race; lead the next one!
  10. What peace wouldn’t solve, war won’t solve.
  11. Nations are only as successful as their younger generations (tell that to our leaders)
  12. A good leader not only shapes the present, but a good part of the future also.
  13. A good leader draws his power from God, his people/country and his determination;
  14. A lucky leader is a leader who makes his own luck
  15. Delay and procrastination are the enemies of success


I am going to stop here on this post, but there will be a part two of this book as I have just shared from the first two parts of the book.

I can’t but acknowledge how this man placed emphasis on God and his people through out this book. I pray African leaders have such passion for God and their people. Africa and indeed Nigeria will be a better place.

What do you think of this book so far? Looking forward to hearing from you *winks*





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