Hello all,


You’re welcome onto my blog! It is another episode of GR, Gherit Reads, where I share some insight on a book I have read.

My last post on GR was from ‘My Vision’ a book by the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I shared extensively some nugget from the part one and two of the book. Today, I will be looking at the last three parts of the book; Development for Survival, Excellence in Development and The Road to the Future.


So here are some more snippets from the book:

  1. Make your own success story;
  2. Leaders help free potential and motivate creativity;
  3. A kind word is the bridge to people’s hearts;
  4. What you give to your subordinate is what they will give to you in return;
  5. Our mind is the factory of ideas- watch the kind of raw material you put in your mind because that’s exactly what you will produce;
  6. Upgrade your skill. Develop your mind.
  7. Beauty and ugliness emanates from the onlooker and not the subject being looked at;
  8. Invest in minds. People are the most important ingredient of development;
  9. Quality service is more profitable than normal service;
  10. Mastering the use of technology is more important than acquiring it (tell that to my show off Nigerian brothers and sisters)
  11. If a man can smile at himself, he can smile at other people;
  12. Excellence does not know idleness. It is going the extra mile.
  13. The best time someone can have is time with their family;
  14. The way to conquer the impossible is to refuse to concede to despair;
  15. The best solutions are sometimes the easiest;
  16. Exceeding the expectations of the customers is one of the most established standards of quality;
  17. Institutionalize excellence to ensure sustainability;
  18. If we want excellence to prosper, we must grow it in peoples mind;
  19. Generalization is the judgment of the ignorant;
  20. Lamenting the past is a waste of energy.


I will draw the curtain here, but this particular sentence from the book re-echoes in my mind, “You simply cannot kill the power of dreaming in young people and then ask them to be creative and to excel…”. Dear Nigerian Youths, I know the situation(s) in Nigeria may want to kill your dream, don’t allow it! Dear Nigerian leaders don’t kill our dreams. When you are gone, we will still be here, so let us dream, don’t kill our dreams with your policies. Nigeria is bigger than and beyond you and your family.


I will love to recommend this book to all and sundry. Please do read and share your thoughts in the comment section on the blog or my social media platforms.

I will be looking forward to your feedback.





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