Hello all!


Been a while on here. Hope you all are doing good? I have actually been busy with business. Business, work and blogging is not so easy but amma pull through. I will get a hang of it soon.

Okay! I have plenty sermons I want to share but i will start with the one on mental health today.

As well all know, a week in the month of October has been earmarked as the Mental Health Awareness Week. And on the last Sunday in the month we shared on mental health and here are some key points I scribbled in my notebook:


  1. Mental illness is very real but intangible, and its intangibility makes us not pay attention to it.
  2. Most Christians believe that mental illness is demonic but this is not always the case, as it could be happen as a result of hormonal imbalance too.
  3. There are a lot of ignorance, wrong beliefs and stigmatization associated to mental health but we as Christians need to know the truth.
  4. One could help ones self when physically ill, but when one is mentally ill it is people around that can help.
  5. Your health is tied to your bread and water. Feed your spirit and soul with the right food- information.
  6. The quality of your life cannot be better than the quality of your thinking.
  7. Deal with demonic interference, draw from God’s word and the Holy Spirit but do not forget to get medical help too
  8. Avoid thing that will disturb the chemical balance of the brain. Say NO to drugs and stimulants.
  9. Never meditate on wrong thoughts and negative reports. Revelation comes from meditation.
  10. If you don’t want satan to run you crazy, learn to see as God sees.


I hope this sermon will be able to bless you too!

Never cease to give a word of encouragement to anyone going through depression around you. You could be their live saver.


Thank you!




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