influenceHi there! Guess you are doing good?


I am happy to have you read another episode of SERMONIZED on the blog. I will be sharing from one of the topics at a leadership conference I attended earlier this month. the speaker titled his sermon ‘Becoming A Person of Influence’. Below are some of the nuggets as I share from my notepad:


  1. If you don’t add value, people will begin to lose respect for you.
  2. Just like salt you have flavour (the ability to change the state /taste of things).
  3. People value you to the degree you are relevant to them.
  4. Every creation of God is an extension of God.
  5. There is no one on earth that does not have a part of God in him – That’s your flavour! Discover it! Celebrate it!
  6. Be intentional about the release of your flavour because whether you realise it or not, you are actually influencing people.
  7. Mentoring helps you discover your influence.
  8. You can’t discover your level of influence until you break free from self-centeredness.
  9. Your influence can only be released in service.
  10. Be deliberate to help people to succeed.


I hope one or two points have been able to influence you!

So go ahead, shine your light! Be the salt!

Thank you for reading!





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