Hello everyone,

Been a while. I had a very busy December.


Okay, for 2017 and moving forward I will be christening you my dearest readers ‘BEEs’ this is an acronym from the blog title, The BummiGherit EssencE. So, I am going to say hello again.

Hello Bees,

Welcome to 2017. Thank you for being there in 2016 and I pray that 2017 will be the best of years so far for  you and yours.

One thing I want to do this year is to be more thankful and to be ‘more happier’ this year. I want to shift my focus on what is not working to what is working thus the need to be thankful. I believe that thankfulness brings happiness. On my thankfulness journey, I have decided to keep a ‘Gratitude Jar’.


In my Gratitude Jar, I will write out at least one thing I am thankful for for each day and drop it in the jar. This idea was inspired by someone on instagram (@adenikeoyetunde) when she posted her jar for 2016 (use the hashtag #GratitudeJarChallenge, so I thought I should start mine this 2017.

Can you all join me in this journey as we learn to stay more appreciative to God and stay happy all year round?

Another thing I also want to commit to is volunteering. So, if you know anyone, organization or NGO who has a good cause and in need of volunteers please free to tag me.


I look forward to interacting with you on my social media pages. I am @bummiegherit on all platforms.




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