Hi BEEs.


Welcome to the first write up on the Sermonized Series for 2017 on the blog. Like you all know, on sermonized I share notes from my sermon notebook.

Today we will be talking about love. Love wins over prejudice.


In the Bible, in Galatians chapter 3 verses 28, the Bible states that there is no segregation in Christ because Christ died for all. In as much as this is in the Bible, quite a large number of Christians still have a very strong form or mild form of prejudices.

Some other points I noted are listed here:


  1. There is no barrier in Christ because Christ is the physical manifestation of God’s love.
  2. You can never do anything to qualify for God’s love. Jesus gave it freely.
  3. God doesn’t need anyone’s permission to love anyone
  4. Jesus doesn’t love like we do with our coloured lenses of prejudice.
  5. If you came to see Jesus, focus on Him because others are merely distractions.


Being able to love freely is being able to keep a Christ-like mind.


Till the next post on the blog, keep winning!







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