Welcome to another exicting post on SERMONIZED.


Sermonized is a series of post where I share my sermon notes with the world.
Today, I will be sharing from a sermon titled, “Educating Children is a Priority”.

What goes into a mind comes out in a life

Here are a few nuggets I wrote out:

  1. What goes into a mind comes out in a life.
  2. Education is a programming process which  constructs a human being.
  3. Change what you see and hear and the state of your heart will change.
  4. There is nothing God cannot recover.
  5. The goal of education is for intelligence (think critically, creatively & productively) and character.
  6. Don’t leave your children to the corrupt system. Control what your children sees and hears. Give them dreams and visions. Put pictures about the future you desire for them around the house. Take them to places that bring their dreams alive.
  7. We are product of things that happened in our childhood.
  8. It is critical for us to model Christ to our children.
  9. model christ

I hope you were blessed by this post.


Thank you!





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