Gherit Concept is a business duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria and it is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a business with many branches.

We are a business born out of the passion for people, arts and culture. We desire that the people of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large  enjoy an easy life and so our products and group of businesses under the GHERIT BRAND main objective is to help you celebrate life and culture.

Below Are our Businesses:

Gherit Africana, is the branch of our business that deals in the production and sales of fashion accessories & gift items made with local fabrics.

Our products includes:

  • Ankara Bags
  • Ankara Sneakers, Slippers & Sandals
  • Ankara Backpacks
  • Ankara Notepads
  • Ankara Gift Bag/Hamper Bag
  • Aso-Oke Handbags
  • Adire Bags etc

Visit our website and shop. 

We are currently on SALE!

If you need any of our items and you are in doubt, please do leave us a message.

Gherit Nature is the branch of our business that deals with the production & sales of handmade soaps, scrubs & butters for your body & hair.

Gherit Fresh is our arm of business that into the production and sales of general household cleaning, sanitary, body & hair products.

At Gherit Academy, we teach basically. That’s all we do.

You could either learn how to produce product from Gherit production arms like Gherit Africana where we make African inspired fashion accessories.

Everything IT is done by Gherit Tech.

Let us build you beautiful, sales-driving website, teach you how to use social media to your advantage, and show your tools to make your online experience more captivating to your intended audience or customers.

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